Friday, April 22, 2011

BP8_Link to RILS Comments

The RILS / Relevant & Innovative Learning Scenario project has proven to be an exciting and creative one. I truly enjoyed introducing my university students to iGoogle and the various benefits it holds for them as undergraduates. The are very excited and are eager to truly put the Web 2.0 tool to work next semester. I received many accolades and thanks from my students for exposing this tool to them. I will be keeping track of them to see how they progress in their future classes.

I took the opportunity of reading and viewing the RILS of my fellow educators and bloggers. I enjoyed the work that they produced and the videos they created. Click on the links below to read the comments that I and other have made on their blogs:

Follow this link to my comment on Marc Hunt's blog: The "For What It's Worth" Department.

I took the opportunity to visit Jennifer Willliams' blog: Digital Tools for Educators. Click on this link to read my comment:

I also visited the blog of Lara Large: Photography and Printmaking and Adventures in Continuing Education. The following link will lead you to my comment:

Take the opportunity to check out their blogs and the great work that they are each doing in an effort to improve the learning environments for their students.

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